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Deronda Farm
Purchased in 1976 and located among the lakes just west of Amery, Wisconsin, Deronda Farm has been the home base of Tom and Sandy Morris.

Throughout the 1980s it was the home of a small select herd of registered Holsteins. More than 200 Excellent cows have called Deronda their home. The classification BAA averaged in excess of 110% for more than a dozen years, with the rolling herd average reaching well over 23,000 in 1989. Numerous show ring appearances were made, highlighted by several Grand Champion awards and All-Wisconsin recognitions.

Merchandising was always an important part of the Deronda program. Several young sires were placed in AI, with cattle and embryos sold across North America, as well as several foreign countries. In addition, three complete dispersals were held during the 1980s, with each ranking as the highest averaging of the year in America.

Deronda was the sight of a few impressive sales in the early 1990s, including the Arlenda, Bassett and Ray-Barb Farm Dispersals, as well as sales for the famous Hanover Hill, Lylehaven, and the final chapter of Hilltop Hanover.

Tom and Sandy continue to own and develop a significant number of cattle that are housed in several herds across the country. Presently Deronda is the summer home for a few special heifers and project calves. The home farm has been primarily devoted to pheasant habitat, with the adjoining farm known as Deronda East producing nearly 50,000 hardwood and pine trees. Newly acquired Deronda South, located directly across the road, has a combination of highland woods and row crops.

If your travels bring you to beautiful northwestern Wisconsin, stop in for a visit and directions to the many well known herds in the area.